Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few flowers...

After seeing the amazing flowers made with the Stampin' Up! Exclusive Bigz XL Flower Folds die (what a mouthful!) I wanted to try the technique out myself. Of course I do not currently have the die (I just ordered it, though), so I had to make due once again. Luckily, I bought a set of cutting/embossing dies this summer (Hi, Vicki!), so I used those along with some fabric I had lying around (including a skirt I was supposed to repair a long time ago (oops!)). I look forward to making lots more when my die arrives because they're fairly time-consuming when you have to cut them out individually. Here's a tutorial in case you're interested. I haven't flounced mine up enough apparently. Perhaps a washing will fray them up a bit. Wishing you a creative spark today!